Where is Chuck Norris?????

We are a voluntarily organization who chose to try and face one of the riskiest, most impossible missions ever, which is to write an algorithm which would boldly try to guess the Chuck Norris whereabouts at any time(!!!). Why did we decide to leave our families and creers? Simply because every single person we know asked him/herself at leat once in his/hers life I wonder Where is Chuck Norris now? So may the force be with you, and you will get to find Chuck Norris. And if you fail, just know that we did our best to help you, And remember that as ambitious we are, and as much as we want to find Chuck Norris ourselves. We are, same as you are, just tiny particles in the endless Chuck Norris universe

our mission

Chuck was born on March 10, 1940. if you feel like buying him a gift, here are some suggestions:

Even though Chuck is capable of doing anything with his bare hands, sometimes even he deserves the aid of a nice tool kit.
If you were Chuck Norris, wouldn't you want to size your self every few minutes?!??!?.
It's never too perfect for Chuck, every single hair on his head must be treated as a princes.
Boxing Bag.
Coconut Oil.
Joseph Stalin.
If you buy Chuck a hand size tracking device, it will sure make our searching task a hell of a lot easier!!!.
Sure you can!!!, simply upload your picture, and then drag and resize Chucks' face over it.

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